You thought the DUI trial was stressful, but what about afterward? Things change. You don’t have your regular driving rights anymore since your license has been revoked.

There are fines, tickets, and other costs associated with the whole debacle—not to mention, you might have even lost your vehicle in the process. How are you supposed to make ends meet and start digging yourself out of this hole without being able to make it to work? Can a DUID defense attorney help?

Although California DUI laws and punishments are put in place to teach a long learning lesson, the courts aren’t completely ruthless. There is still a way to apply for something called a hardship license to avoid experiencing some of the extreme effects of having a suspended license.

What is a Hardship License?

If this is the very first time (and hopefully the last time) you’ve been charged with a DUI in California, you may not have heard of a hardship license. Because one of the few consequences of being charged with a drunk driving charge is a suspended license for at least a several months—sometimes even years—California offers a little bit of wiggle room.

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Not having a license can greatly affect your life in a negative way, causing some people to lose their jobs or even have to halt future plans of graduating school. Whatever the case may be, the courts don’t want you to suffer indefinitely.

California allows DUI drivers to apply for a hardship license, meaning that you can have some of your driving privileges restored during your time of…well, hardship. This can lessen the suffering that could follow having a suspended license.

Who Can Qualify for a Hardship License?

Just because you have a DUI, doesn’t mean that you automatically get a pass to qualify for a hardship license. The courts are very specific about who may be eligible and who may not.

This definition depends on specific criteria pertaining to the reasoning you may need the hardship license. Drivers don’t get to just apply because they don’t feel like walking to the store.

In the case that you are denied for any reason, it’s best to rely on a DUI attorney in Los Angeles for assistance trying to requalify of the hardship license if you really need it.

Otherwise, here are the reasons why the courts may approve your application for a hardship license:

– If you must travel to and from school (this is assuming that your school offers no mode of transportation itself).

– If you must commute to work (again, assuming that your job requires that you travel there by your own means).

– If there are some medical needs that require frequent appointments.

Any other scenarios lying outside of these three main reasons are highly likely to be denied. Having an experienced lawyer on your side can make all the difference when applying for a hardship license. Your attorney will be familiar with the judges in the area, what they will accept and what is more likely to be denied, and how to present your situation in a favorable way.

Not to mention, in any of the above situations, you’ll still need to meet certain requirements despite the opinion of the judge. Again, your local DUI lawyer will be well-versed in these expectations, including the initial 30-day license suspension requirement. Finally, you’ll need to prove that there is no other option—even when it comes to family members.

How Does a Hardship License Work?

It’s not common knowledge that hardship licenses are not the same as regular driver’s licenses. Actually, they’re extremely different when you look at the restrictions of a hardship license compared to a regular driver’s license. For example, the court agreement is set in stone. You may not drive anywhere else except for what is listed in the agreement or else you face further legal punishments.

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These restrictions are nothing to take lightly, either. That’s why your skilled legal team will make sure to explain them in detail so that you don’t violate any of the court’s expectations of you.

Applying for a Hardship License with the Help of a DUI Attorney in California

It may sound like a simple application, but applying for a hardship license isn’t the simplest task. When people try to do so themselves, they may get denied because of trivial mistakes during the application process—mistakes that could have been avoided by retaining a well-versed DUI lawyer. To be successful during your first application for a hardship license, rely on the insight and skill that an attorney has to offer.

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Here in California, the very first step you must take to apply for a hardship license is to fill out the application correctly and send it in. This means that the list of relevant documents included on the application must also be sent at the same time. Be sure to submit everything all together and thoroughly fill out the paperwork to avoid wasting time or the denial of your application.

It’s also best to review your documents with your lawyer before mailing everything in. If you need assistance throughout the entire process, your attorney would be more than happy to help you fill out the application as well. This is a great way to make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork included in your application packet the first time around.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Assistance When Needed!

It’s all too easy to just roll over and give up after being charged with a DUI—but it’s not the end of the world. Being approved for a hardship license could be just the thing you need to help you move past your recent DUI charge and get your life back on the track. Don’t let this one mistake hold you back forever.

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Whether this is your first offense or even if you have prior DUI charges, you could be eligible to apply for a hardship license. Find out if this is the best step for you by speaking with a local Los Angeles DUI attorney.